Combat-Sports in Kyrenaia are a major event and a major point of pride for many of the people.

Tying deep into past practices of war, Combat-Sports to this day aren't without danger these days, but modern sports equipment did alleviate some of the threats to limb and life.


The tradition originally stems, similarly to the Marcach in the Free Lands, from practice for war turning competitive.

In typical Kyrenaian Fashion, there is a origin-myth involved as well.



While not traditionally seen as a combat sport, Kyrenaian Falconry is usually counted with the Combat Sports,


Fara Maraigh of the Tribe of Monaghan

Axe-Fencer and Half-Selkie Fara Maraigh of the Tribe of Monaghan with Tabar.

Fencing is the

Contestants either fence with swords, sabres or axes like the Tabar.


Amina Raqisa

Kyrenaian Actress and Sworddancer Amina Raqisa during the shoot for Three Sabres for a Princess.

Originally mainly an occupation and specialization of Kyrenaian Handmaidens, the Raqsat Alsyf found its way into the normal Combat Sports Entertainment, including the competititions of the Lioness' Trophy.

Mounted Archery and Mobility Archery

Mounted Archery

Mobility Archery, Altanaqul Alrimaya in Kyrenaian,


Axeriding, usually done with the Tabar, is not too dissimilar to Jousting, but has some key differences.

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