The Confederated Coast Guard is the coast guard, water police and the closest thing to a Navy Lutetii has since 1992, since the dissolution of its entire armed forces.

Mission and Responsibilities


The Lutetian Navy

Lutetiian Naval Aviation

The history of the Lutetiian Naval Aviation began in the early 19th century, with air ships

In 1915, the Lutetiian Navy launched the first carrier-borne airstrikes,

Oil War of 1920

Operation Spriocearcaitheoir and the Squalo-Incident

The Theoretical War: Piano di Guerra Oro

Republican Junta (1976-1987)

1992: The Decision

The Coast Guard is Formed

Struggling with the Old Heritage and New Self-Image

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Officers and men


Amy, Galen and Lutetiian

Vice Admiral Amy Curadh of the Tribe of Wicklow, Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath and Captain Antonio Caccia, Confederated Coast Guard, in their respective Mess Dress Uniforms. Captain Caccia is wearing the uniform, that was in use until 2016.

The Confederated Coast Guard first used old uniforms of the Lutetian Navy, until 1995, when they adopted the Pattern 1995 Mess Dress, a white uniform dress, that was in service until 2016. It was a completely new design, which was adopted out of the honest desire to create a new Self Image, meant to symbolize a new beginning. Criticism followed before they were first handed out, from Lutetii itself and abroad,

CCG New Uniforms

Officers in the Dress Uniforms Pattern 2016. From Left to Right:

The Pattern 2016 Uniform was a back-to-the-roots thing: While it did share the cut with the old Navy Uniforms, a few colours were adapted and the officers were now allowed to add certain parts of ethnical dress, for example headdresses.

Relation to RKN and SDF-Navy

To the two neighbouring navies, the SDF-Navy and the Sultan's Navy, the Confederated Coast Guard has a weird relationship, mostly built on the good will of 

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