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The 1939 Coronation Fleet Review, celebrating the coronation of Sultan Kian, was a momentous occassion with around a third of the Sultan's Navy present.

Originally planned as a review of the Sultan's Navy alone, it soon became an occassion for civilian vessels as well - first and foremost of the Mutiea, Kian-Sultan's Personal Yacht. The Fleet Review also marked, at least to Naval Historians, the transistion of the Sultan's Navy from a Big Gun Navy to a Carrier Navy, the carriers being more versatile then their big gun counterparts and thus preferred in the Decolonization Wars.

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Vessels Present

Kyrenaian - Sultan's Navy

Surface Vessels


  • 13th Submarine Flotilla:
  • 14th Submarine Flotilla:
  • 15th Submarine Flotilla:
  • 1st Submarine Carrier Flotilla:
  • 2nd Submarine Carrier Flotilla:
  • 3rd Submarine Carrier Flotilla:
  • 1st Submarine Landing Ship Flotilla:
  • 5th Submarine Landing Ship Flotilla:

Support Vessels

  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 1
  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 9
  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 13
  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 19
  • Mobile Barracks Squadron 5

Aircraft and Airships

Kyrenaian - Civilian

  • Mutiea, Yacht.

Free Lands - SDF-Navy and Civilian


Involved Characters