The 1939 Coronation Fleet Review, celebrating the coronation of Sultan Kian, was a momentous occassion with around a third of the Sultan's Navy present.

Originally planned as a review of the Sultan's Navy alone, it soon became an occassion for civilian vessels as well - first and foremost of the Mutiea, Kian-Sultan's Personal Yacht. The Fleet Review also marked, at least to Naval Historians, the transistion of the Sultan's Navy from a Big Gun Navy to a Carrier Navy, the carriers being more versatile then their big gun counterparts and thus preferred in the Decolonization Wars.

The corresponding RP is planned for 2019. For the modern structure and vessels of the Sultan's Navy, see here.



Vessels Present

Kyrenaian - Sultan's Navy

Surface Vessels


  • 13th Submarine Flotilla:
  • 14th Submarine Flotilla:
  • 15th Submarine Flotilla:
  • 1st Submarine Carrier Flotilla:
  • 2nd Submarine Carrier Flotilla:
  • 3rd Submarine Carrier Flotilla:
  • 1st Submarine Landing Ship Flotilla:
  • 5th Submarine Landing Ship Flotilla:

Support Vessels

  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 1
  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 9
  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 13
  • Seaplane Tender Squadron 19
  • Mobile Barracks Squadron 5

Aircraft and Airships

Kyrenaian - Civilian

Free Lands - SDF-Navy and Civilian


Involved Characters




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