Major Corrin Paisúile of the Tribe of Monaghan is a soldier of the SDF-Army and current commanding officer of the 11th Dragan-Regiment's I. Squadron. She has a daughter, Nora, her father having died in 2012, as well as a boyfriend by the name of Fintan.


In 2007, Corrin gave birth to her first and so far only child, Nora. A few months later, she was back in service. Nora's father died in 2012 and Corrin sent her, stricken by grief, to the Iris Boarding School Complex, where the girl started in the 2013 School Year.

She was sent to the Armoured Warfare School of the RKA in 2015 and by 2016, by the time of the Niochan Army Reforms, she was an expert in armoured warfare and when talk of a new armoured corps came out, Corrin was amongst its first commanders.

In 2017, she was transferred to the 11th Dragan-Regiment and promoted to Major, becoming commanding officer of the I. Squadron. She was along for the ride of Operation Spartacus, led her squadron through Operation Sanguine, the Battle of Falernum, as part of the second wave.


Personal Relations


Corrin loves her daughter deeply,

Princess Rasha bint-Razia

With the Kyrenaian Princess, Corrin has a professional relationship and a mutual hate.

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