Cosantóirí Theampall an Chorn, a.k.a. the Defenders of the Temple of Chorn or the Cosantóirí for short, are a unit of The Lancemaidens of Rhiannon, famous due to a variety of engagements, which they were part of. Based in the Town of Chorn, in the Baile near Creetown. Their most important task is protecting the Rhiannon-Temple of Chorn, one of the major places of pilgrimage of the Cult, and its pilgrims. While most of their duties are ceremonial nowadays, it is still seen as a great honour to be called upon to serve as a Defender. There are, currently, 49 Defenders, nine of which belong to the Demonstration-Lance.


The Cosantóirí are, contrary to popular belief, not older then the Lancemaidens, but actually have the same age, founded in 328, by Command of the High Priestess Ava of Chorn. The first Lancemaidens trained indeed joined the Cosantóirí, Gwen Beapa of Monaghan's Descent being the Lancemaiden's and the Cosantóirí's first Captain. The unity between the position of 'Captain of the Lancemaidens' and 'Captain of the Cosantóirí' was broken in 829, with the separation of Rhiannon's Beasts of the Main-Order.

The Demonstration-Lance

Cosantóirí Theampall an Chorn

The current formation of the Demonstration-Lance, all nine of them in full armour.

One of the most important duties and formations rests with the Demonstration-Lance, basically the Drill Team of the Lancemaidens.

All nine current members are rated as Rhiannon's Beasts. From left on the image on the right, they are:

  • Felicia Ab of the Tribe of Fermanagh, Priestess of Rhiannon.
  • Ava Beithíoch of the Tribe of Cork.
  • Finnya Giortach of the Tribe of Wicklow.
  • Mara Cineálta of the Tribe of Sligo.
  • Ida Taca of the Tribe of Antrim, Second in Command.
  • Isla Stiúrthóir of the Tribe of Fingal, Leader.
  • Kaylee Laicear of the Tribe of Monaghan.
  • Pina Slua of the Tribe of Cavan.
  • Tea Riteoga of the Tribe of Louth, Horse-Veterinarian.

Famous People serving with the Defenders

Weapons, armour and equipment

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