The Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander is the counterpart of the Odyssey-class Sea Launch Platform, the command and control element of the rocket launches and the launch platform. As a testament to the versatility of the Pattern 253 Freighter, a Dry Bulk Carrier of Handymax-Size, the Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander is a modified Pattern 253 with the same general profile.

While the shape of the hull is the same, the interior differs very much: Powered by a nuclear reactor, a Ga-17 providing 100 MW, the Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander is equipped with the most modern command and control facilities available to the civilian market, including a distant cousin of the Artio Battlescape Network, the Laige Network, and the Type 901 Datalink, the civilian cousin of the Type 900 Datalink, which has proven its worth on many vessels, including the Caorthann-class Polar Research Vessel.

The Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander is equipped with an extensive radar suite, namely a Nuacht N-4 Navigation Radar and a Nuacht N-22 Mark IV Air Surveillance Radar Array, a 3D Air Search Radar Array, a civilian version of the N-22 Mark III as it is used onboard of the Goliath-class Destroyer. With its four arrays, the S-band radar can track up to 500 targets at a range of 400 nautical miles or 740.8 kilometres or up into lower orbit. Additionally, the Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander carries a GPS-system.

All of these systems connect to the Command Room on the superstructure aft and the Reserve Command Room near the bow, the Command Room being the primary facility to command and control the rocket launch. Much of its arrangement and layout is a reminder of the Glorium-class Command Ship. Above that 'brain' of the whole arrangement is the observation deck, build and equipped for people to watch a launch in a civilized atmosphere with refreshments. Underneath said brain are the quarters for the crew and eventual passengers of the vessel.

On the roof of the superstructure, a helipad for large helicopters is placed, also rated for vectored thrust VTOLs and equipped for refuelling and basic maintenance, but not much more as the Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander is not equipped with a hangar.

While the Command room is the 'brain' of the Cosmos-class Sea Launch Commander, though, the 'heart' is in the hull, where the cargo would be with a normal Pattern 253. In a way, the assembly bay in the hull, spanning nearly all of it, transports a cargo as well, but the rocket to be launched. Spanning 130 metres in length, with 115 metres being usable for the rocket itself due to the assembly bay doors on the roof being 115 metres in length, it can be used for storage and final assembly of the rocket to be launched, precision engineering sections being included as well as three clean rooms of different sizes, either to be equipped as Laminar Flow Cleanrooms or Turbulent Cleanrooms, depending on the preference of the orderer.

For lifting the assembled rocket out of the bay, a second vessel with a crane is required, as is for loading the bay with the parts to be assembled. The Odyssey-class Sea Launch Platform and her large crane would be an option, but basically any crane should work.

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