The Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicle was an amphibious 'weapons carrier' of the SDF-Army, developed and produced by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited. Despite not being called a light tank, it is essentially that - and the spiritual predecessor of the Cealg Light Tank. The Crogall was in service from 1963 to 1990, replacing the Dobhareach Amphibious Tracked Vehicle, operated in Kupandukira, fought on the slopes of Mount Vellenge and was finally phased out due to being completely over-aged. Its replacement, after over twenty years without a tank or 'weapons carrier', the Cealg Light Tank took up the mantle.

The term crogall means crocodile.


In the projections of the SDF-Army for a possible war, they always saw the small, but elite Gruppo di Attacco di Cavalleria Pesante (the Heavy Cavalry Attack Group) of the Lutetiian Army as their main adversary, so they needed a vehicle, that could defeat the heavy tanks in case the SDF-Navy failed to prevent a landing: The answer, from 1952 to 1969, was the Cosaint MBT, but the Cosaint was overaged by 1960.

So, development of a new vehicle started in 1960, taking three years in total. To not offend the Kyrenaian friends, the replacement for the Cosaint (there known as the Muharib Infantry Tank and supplemented by the Alsuyuf I Main Battle Tank starting from 1952) was called a 'weapons carrier', not a tank.


Service History

Kupandukira (1965-1975)

Second Vellenge War

Naval School Sensha-Do Team

From its formation in 2016, the Naval School Sensha-Do Team was equipped with Crogalls,

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