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Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia is the Sultana's oldest son and not her designated heir, despite the title of Crown Prince (a Kyrenaian Crown Prince is more of an administrator in case the Sultan or Sultana falls ill and the chief-administrator of the Ilkhanate, in this case the Ilkhanate of Utica, although that function is mostly handled by Prince Damir ibn-Razia). He is the current Lord-Commander of the Sultan's Navy, a trained naval aviator and transport plane pilot (and ranked Vice Admiral).

His flagship is the carrier RKN Nazir, Hukm-class, while his favourite Yacht is the Sayarfur.

With full title in international parlance, he is:

Vice Admiral Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia, Rajalkim, Khaskiya, Lord-Commander of the Navy, Bey of Khalashira, Special Ambassador of the Sultana, Honorary Sergeant of the Younger Militia of Scrín.


Born in 1977 in Utica, Ilia had a nice childhood, with two siblings being born in 1980 and 1982, respectively. He proved to be a bright child in school, attending a public school until 1990, when he changed School to the Tabar Boys' Academy, where he soon became the go-to person for any trouble with mathematics... or homework-needs. He graduated from that school after a relatively unassuming educational career in 1998, joining the Sultan's Navy as an Officer - a move that surprised many as it was more usual for Princes to do their basic military service and that being the end of that. He, however, graduated from the Naval Academy in 2000, second of his year, the first being his eternal rival, by now on a more friendly basis as said rival is also his Chief of Staff nowadays.

He served on several ships and shore-establishments during his career, Captaining his first ship, an old frigate, in 2009, transferring to a destroyer in 2011, then commanding a destroyer group from 2013 onwards - in 2015, following his promotion to Rear Admiral, he was named Lord-Commander of the Navy, basically figurehead and chief administrator of the Sultan's Navy, a title and position specifically intended for Royalty serving with the Navy in existence for centuries now, by his mother.


Trained as a naval aviator, Crown Prince Ilia was trained as a pilot of a KAF-139 Baghl, an airframe adopted to serve as an AWACS, transport and paratrooper plane, gunship and a variety of other roles. He originally wanted to fly fighter planes, but he missed the cut of the physical exam by two points, thus being trained on the Baghl.

Officially, he flet the transport in a Carrier Onboard Delivery Role for various carriers and shore installations.

Unofficially, he conducted a variety of secret missions on that versatile airframe, often skirting along the borders of opposing nations to gather intel and spot targets for cruise missiles, flew as a transport plane pilot, who dropped covert ops forces into enemy territory several times for HALO-Jumps and piloted a gunship on several missions into pirate territory. He was even wounded twice, both scars officially written off as training accidents.

Not even the Sultana knows of his involvement with these missions.

Promotions and Career Stations


Despite being a very good looking man, he is single, work keeping him from engaging in such activities. He is a strict, but fair commanding officer, and uncle, but with heartfelt with people he loves - his siblings and niece amongst them. Hating smoking in all forms, he simply does not. He loves the great blue sky, the reason why he became a naval aviator.

One of his very few hobbies is indeed sailing, Damir's Aurelia being his favourite vessel (and he refuses to buy himself a ship just like her, mainly because the Aurelia is special to him, much like the woman she's named after).

Personal Relations


Ilia loves his siblings, although they sometimes cause him grey hairs (which goes largely unnoticed due to his silver hair), one of the primary causes of that being Damir's ceaseless tries to get him a girlfriend.

His sister, on the other hand, causes him worries by not coming to a rest, overworking herself in his eyes - much like he does. On the other hand, their relation is close, very much as an indicator for the relationship between Army and Navy.

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and Princess Fara bint-Dardan

To his niece and her best friend, Ilia has a complicated relationship. He loves them both, they are special to his heart, yet he is a strict man with both of them and their studies - him helping Princess Fara out with lerning every now and then as well as observing Aurelia's studies in her own father's absence. He still has a close relation to both, despite his strict school-master-being when their studies are concerned, mainly due to sharing their love for the sea and going on several sailing trips with them.

Able Sailor Rasha Qadir

Ilia and his aide-de-camp, Able Sailor Rasha Qadir, have not been together for a long time. On the contrary, they first met in 2012 and she became his aide more out of necessity then out of qualification - soon, the temporary measure became a stable arrangement, mainly because she proved the necessary qualifications and proved to be an invaluable aid to the Lord-Commander and Crown Prince.

There are persistant rumours of the two of them having an affair, but they have always been denied.

Fadia Arnsaghir

Ilia and the actress Fadia Arnsaghir met at the premiere about a movie made with participation of the Navy, enjoying the conversation.