Weight: 9.6 tons

Length: 7.23 m

Width: 2.35 m

Height: 2.95 m

Crew: 3 (driver and two gun operators)

Armor: Aluminum

Main armament: 2x Gabha G-116 30mm Revolver Cannons with 900 rounds (Mark IV Mount)

Engine: 6-cylinder inline air-cooled diesel with 110 hp (82 kW) at 2,200 rpm

Suspension: torsion bar

Operational range: 550 km

Speed: 75 km/h

The Cruinneachán SPAAG is a relatively new addition to the SDF-Army's Arsenals, a light SPAAG on the rear of a truck with its own little radar and the ability to optically aim. The cannon can be dismounted from the truck and be used against infantry and lightly armoured targets even on the ground.

A more CIWS-kind of version is in development.

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