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The Cult of Carman Fea is the Selkie-Pagan Cult dedicated to the worship of Carman Fea, the Goddess of War and Science, as well as other aspects, in the Selkie-Pantheon. Her principle temple is in the City of Ironcastle, High Priest is Glynn Uisinn of the Tribe of Westmeath. Her heraldic animal is the Red-White Eagle.

A common blessing amongst warriors, which is derived from her nicknames of Fire-Goddes and Archer-Goddess, is: Fire for the Fire-Goddess. Arrows for the Archer-Goddess. Let the Raven Ashes cover the remains.



Carman Fea is usually characterized as an polite, graceful person, both in language and in manners.

Compare and contrast to Rhiannon.

History of the Cult

In the past, during the Ages of the High Kings, Carman Fea was indeed seen as primarily a War Goddess, the Swordmaidens being testament to that. With the Death of the Last High King, the worship shifted to her other aspects, the cities now putting more value on her as a Goddess of Commerce and Science rather then War, while Rhiannon stayed a more rural Goddess.


Held in high regard amongst scientists, philosophers and other people, who work in scientific of engineering fields, as well as amongst soldiers and everyone fancying oneself as a warrior, Carman Fea is one of the most worshipped goddesses, right after Rhiannon. Most of her worshippers indeed are scientists, dimplomats, traders and doctors.

While many foreigners tend to see her as primarily a War-Goddess, that is not the case amongst the Selkie - in fact, Carman Fea's aspects are manyfold, namely Sciences, and all belonging to, including wisdom, Diplomacy, Medicine and Commerce, the latter together with Ladra.

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