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The Cult of Gavida is the Selkie-Pagan Cult dedicated to the worship of Gavida, God of Arts and Crafts. The principal temple of the Cult is in Leuda, the Heraldic Animal is the Tine. His aspects include, but are not limited to woodworking in any way, shape and form, arts with the exception of music and dance, medicine making, . He is also frequently associated with forestry, although a series of minor deities, the Coillteoiri, is usually depicted as more in tune with that.

His Order are the Axemaidens. High Priestess of the Cult is Meave Broinn of the Tribe of Fermanagh. The Geansai of the Cult is held in the natural colours of the fur.

Gavida - Myths

History of the Cult

The Coedwri

The Coedwri, Woodmen, were one of the nuclei of the Cult of Gavida, living in the Baile. Their central deity

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