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The Cult of Ladra is a Selkie-Pagan Cult dedicated to the worship of the God Ladra, the God of Helmsmen and Boatmen. The Principle Temple of the Cult is in Silverport, the heraldic animal is the Sea Weasel. His aspects include Commerce and Trade (together with Carman Fea), Travelling, Sports, Border Crossings and all of those, who dwell on the Rivers.

The Geansai of the Cult is deep blue and brown. He is often depicted with Lodan Lir.

Current High Priestess is Fiona Ardsagart of the Tribe of Antrim.

Ladra - Myths

History of the Cult

Raiders' Golden Age

The Raiders' Golden Age kicked off in 826 with the Raid on Tipa, during which the Ladra Temple is destroyed, forcing the Cult to move to Silverport.

The Crusade

During the Crusade, the Cult was hit once more by Tragedy, as the High Priestess Liliane Dícheann of the Tribe of Monaghan was in Tipa during the Landings in 1287 and the subsequent raid on the city, being raped and killed with extreme prejudice by the Crusaders, together with many Priests and Priestesses.

Lands of the Selkie

20th Century

21st Century

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