Curly and Ice Foxes

A Curly Mountain Fox and an Ice Fox exploring abroad.

The Curly Mountain Fox, or Cuachanach or Curly for short, is a small vulpine critter, living all over the Mainland, but with a special cultural influence in the Silver Mountains.


The Curly Mountain Fox has his name because of his curly tail (trying to unwind it causes these cuties a lot of pain) and hair on their heads, as well as because of their natural habitat, the mountain ranges and hills all over the Free Lands.

They are mostly seen as pests by the farmers, for they tend to raid the chicken coops, but flee at the sight of a human or a Grey Wolf (domesticated or not) and are way faster then either. Those without chicken but with trees (for example apple trees) like them, thought, for birds in general are their favourite meal and they know, how to get them.

Not as cunning or with an as keen protective instinct as the Guarding Foxes, the Curly Mountain Fox is known to protect its own young even against insurmountable odds.

A few domesticated Curly Mountain Foxes can be found all over the Mainland, but since they have no real advantage besides being cute and intelligent, no one ever tried to make a big enterprise out of breeding them. Their fur, however, is very soft and comfy and can be worked into very soft pieces of clothing, but also very exclusive, thanks to their speed and the corresponding difficulty to get them.


Curly Mountain Foxes can breed with Ice Foxes.


The history between the Selkie and the Curlies,

Silver Mountains

The Silver Mountains are often assumed to be the origin of the Curly Mountain Fox,

It is a cultural standard for some people in or from the Silver Mountains to have the ears of their babies shaped into a pointy shape to some extend, in devotion to the Vulpine Mountain Deity Alisounos. They believe, that due to emulating the ears of the God will bring the grace, blessings and protection of the God. In the recent years, this worship fell a bit to the wayside, but one of the most well known recent examples of this custom is Professor Celina Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan.

Curly Fur and Geansais

Due to the Curly Mountain Fox's rarity, the fur of one has become a rare and much sought after commodity as a present, showing the love and adoration of a hunter to his loved one. This also rises the prices quite steeply. Today, only four Geansais with the genuine fur of a Curly Mountain Fox are confirmed and known, one of which is in a museum.

Notable Specimens

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