Daria Lahith is a student of the Haram Girls' Academy and an up and coming musician. She is known for her husky and breathy voice, but also her mastery of the cello. On multiple occasions, she sang during State Balls as part of the HGA's Tribute, for example during the Scarlet Eagle State Visit to Kyrenaia, together with the Tabar Boys' Academy's Big Band.


In 2013, she made the entrance test for the Haram Girls' Academy and passed. She was picked for the Tribute and assigned to the Musical Department, together with her voice and her cello.

In 2018, she played for the Imperial Delegation of the Scarlet Eagle State Visit to Kyrenaia, together with the TBA Big Band. Due to the death of Aaron, Ilkhan of Kyrene on the same day, they improvised a program of three blocks - during the first block, they played a number of anime songs.


- Anime Fan

Personal Relations

Princess Fadia bint-Dardan

Daria and Fadia are both classmates and share a dorm, being close friends.

Karim Risha

Daria is amongst the many girls and young women, who adore the poetry of the 'mysterious' Karim Risha, who know very well, that he is Prince Karim ibn-Fadi - and while she adores his poetry, she knows, that she has no chance with him.

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