The Decolonization Wars were a series of conflicts between 1923 and 1965, at which's end the Kyrenaian Colonial Empire had collapsed and reduced significantly in size. While many of the Colonies separated in bloody independence wars and descended into civil wars, some separated peacefully, especially as time went on.

Usually, the Decolonization Wars are said to start with the Muetad-Uprising in 1923 and ended in 1965 with Aaron-Ilkhan sending food to Va'a Mamao during a famine.

The Decolonization Wars followed the Oil War of 1920.


Jawiyun-War (1921)

Sometimes counted as a part of the Decolonization Wars, sometimes seen as a prelude to it,

Muetad-Uprising (1923-1927)

Va'a Mamao (1929-1930)

War of Independence of Markaz (1933-1941)

Sawmiea-Uprising (1933)

Eadhra War of Independence (1936-1957)

Aintalaq-Uprising (1938-1955)

Allaazwrd-Uprising (1942-1948)

The Allaazwrd-Uprising was an uprising from 1942 to 1948 in the Territory of Salalkubz, the Bread Basket of the Sultanate, centred around the city of Allaazwrd. It is internationally well-known for one of the only times as the Decolonization Wars slopped over onto the Five Deserts, as in 1948 a terrorist attack claimed 19 lives in Sinope.

The 2019-Movie The Avalanche of Steel retells the story of III./72nd in the Battle of Allaazwrd in 1947/1948.

Iimyralidi War of Independence (1945-1956)

Jalid Emergency (1952-1954)

Mushkila War of Independence (1950-1965)

Thur-Guerilla (1958-1965)

Following on the failed Aintalaq-Uprising, from 1938 to 1955, the 'Fighters of the Second Generation' banded together and began a guerilla war, 

Independence of Arkhabil, Altayih and Mutasharid (1963-1965)

The End (1965)

Foreign Involvement



The Free Lands

The Selkie, old allies

Lessons learned

By 1985, Kyrenaia had returned to the World Stage without making a splash.

Kyrenaians involved

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