Deirdre Stiúradh of the Tribe of Fermanagh is a middle schooler of the Iris Boarding School Complex and a member of its Sensha-Do Team, in particular the Driver of Ronm-Dó.


Deirdre Stiúradh of the Tribe of Fermanagh was born in 2005 in Fortham as daughter of a mid-level official in the Foreign Office and his wife. In 2011, she took the entrance exam for the Iris Boarding School Complex and was admitted easily. In 2017, she joined the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team after a short tenure with the Swimming Club, having fallen in love with the tanks due to the Historic Fleet and the few foreign tanks in it. She was trained as Ronm-Dó's driver by Nolwenn herself, who was in her first year as vehicle commander. In early 2019, Deirdre got herself an old car, a HMW SA-58, and is one of the few drivers on campus.

Deirdre graduates in 2024, but she does not know, what she'll do afterwards.


Deirdre is a proud young woman, passionate and headstrong. She's quite good in school, exceeding in mathematics and sciences, but also history. Deirdre is also someone suffering from the travelbug, most likely due to her father's occupation and the many places he has to work with and told stories about at home, when she was a kid.

She likes being treated like an adult, or at least High Schooler, and hates being treated like a child, for, in her opinion, she is not. She does not yet know, whether or not she is homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual or helicoptersexual, but she is willing to find out.

As a driver, Deirdre is a calm and collected one, with her passion burning underneath.

Personal Relations

Cao, Iuna and Nolly

Despite her hating to be treated like a child, she is not above 'adopting' Nolwenn and Iuna as her big sisters, at least partially, mainly because she sees them as the more experienced ones. She hates being the target of pranks, but, with Iuna's help, she has committed many-a-prank.

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