The Diplomatic Relations between Kyrenaia and the Monarchist Treaty Organization, MTO for short, began in 2018 shortly after the founding of the MTO at the instigation of Grand Vizier Mahmut al-Zahir and Vizier Hassan ben Sahid. Main reason for this change in diplomatic stance towards the MTO was, from Kyrenaia's perspective, the intention to maybe join the MTO as an observer, as many diplomatic partners of the Sultanate, like Lux Pulchrae and Danceria were members already.


A Convocation of Crowns

In September of 2018, the Sultanate send a delegation comprising of Grand Vizier Mahmut al-Zahir, Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi, Princess Fara bint-Dardan and Prince Karim ibn-Fadi to Yggdrasilia in Danceria to attend a ball, with the official objective of deepening the diplomatic relations to the memberstates of the MTO and the organiozation itself.

One of the more private objectives was to allow the two Princesses to meet their crushes again, King Cleone of Lux Pulchrae and King Aceus of Danceria, which proved to result in situations more difficult by the minute:

  • Princess Dschamilla and King Cleone:
  • Princess Fara and King Aceus:

List of corresponding RPs

  • A Convocation of Crowns, IC and OOC.
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