The Djinn Universal Combat Platform is




  • AA-1 Tank Destroyer: Main armament 105 mm smoothbore gun.
  • AA-2 Tank Destroyer: Main armament 120 mm smoothbore gun.
  • NJM-1 APC: Main Armament 30 mm autocannon, can carry up to 8 soldiers.
  • NJM-2 APC: Improved NJM-1.
  • HA-1 Mortar Carrier: Main Armament 120mm Heavy Mortar, no turret or Remote Weapons Stations.
  • DAB-1 Self-Propelled Gun: Main Armament 155 mm Heavy Howitzer in turret.
  • DAB-2 Self-Propelled Gun: Main Armament 105 mm Light Howitzer in turret.
  • YM-1 Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun (Fly Swatter): Main Armament 2 30mm rotary cannons, one remote weapons station done away.
  • SI Field Ambulance: Unarmed.
  • QA Command Vehicle: One Remote Weapons Station
  • SAA Forward Observation Vehicle: 30 mm autocannon, enhanced NBC-sensors.
  • MHA Armoured Engineering Vehicle: Unarmed, but with plough, excavator arm (can be used as crane), fascine, additional shovels and diesel generator.
  • AAM Armoured Recovery Vehicle: Remote Weapons Stations, no main armament, but with winch, plough and 'a field workshop'.
  • Minelayer: 1 remote weapons station, Minelaying System, with 600 mines of various types.
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