The Dobhareach Amphibious Tracked Vehicle was a tracked amphibious vehicle in service with the SDF-Army from 1940 to 1969, when the Crogall Amphibious Armoured Vehicle went into widespread service.

Dobhareach means hippo.


Since the foundation of the SDF, the armed forces have been aware of the need of a vehicle, which could support amphibious landings directly, move troops ashore and provide fire support - experiments were made and concepts tested, but in 1938, the breakthrough came: The Dobhareach Amphibious Tracked Vehicle.

Both Army and Navy working together, they soon came to a chassis, which would be used by a variety of amphibious vehicles. This was one of the only armament projects, which were carried out by the SDF itself and not an external company, although parts, like the main gun, were developed by external companies.

The Dobhareach was constructed of an all-steel hull with rubber seals. Seals of tree sap were tested, but found to be insufficient. Parts of the hull were hollow to allow for buoyancy. These parts were also separated into smaller, watertight compartments to minimize the effects of damages. These compartments could not be removed. Additionally, the Dobhareach was equipped with bilge pumps and radio.

Two small propellers, powered by the tank's engine, propelled the vehicle at speeds of up to 8 km/h over 140 kilometres. The commander steered via two small rudders. Once on land, the tank switched back to powering the tracks and being driven by the driver.


The Dobhareach was produced in several variants, the three most popular of which were the actual ATV, the APC, which removed the turret and made space for a troop compartment of eight men, and the Armoured Engineer Vehicle, which removed the turret in favour of an excavator arm powered by the engine.

Additionally, a demiliterized version of the AEV enjoyed some popularity in the 60s and 70s in harbour construction projects, but nowadays, they are usually only found on scrapyards. The Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team has three of these vehicles as part of their obligations towards the Younger Militia.


The turret houses the main armament, a high-velocity Gabha G-18 47mm Anti-Tank Gun and a Gabha R-22 light machine gun. Another machine gun was situated at the bow. While at first, it was planned for the Dobhareach to have a 20mm or 30mm gun in the turret, the SDF decided, that the 47mm gun would be more capable in this role. The gun had a total of

Service History

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