Donnchadh Urdhún of the Tribe of Cork, nicknamed Donny, is a student at the Póraitheoir High School of Cuan.

He owns a Salalkubz Forest Wolf named Lorgaire (Seeker) and is a known fan of Adventurers from the Dark World (he even has a cameo as a voice actor).

He is a good swordsman and can hold his own in a fight, preferring Sword and Shield in his contests as a Marcach.



Personal Relations

Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth

He and Celina are two years apart, but school mates. He knows, that she once had a crush on him, in 2017. He never acted upon it, though.

Still, he is eternally grateful to her, mostly because she introduced him to his girlfriend, Pina Tíogar of the Tribe of Wexford, like Celina, a Bicíní Industries Model, in 2018.

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