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Dorch is the capitol and seat of government of the Herzogtum von Dorch, a city of 1.6 million people and a center of agriculture and the fisheries industry in Teressien.

The city is known internationally mostly for its two competing Major Breweries, the Herzogliche Brauerei am Frühlingsfeld and the Herzogliche Brauerei zum Kupferkessel. Also known far and wide outside of Teressien is N. Meyster Sports Cars, which has its main company seat in Dorch.



Dorch is at the end of the Dorcher Bucht, where the Laiwasser meets the bay.




Local Government

Ducal Government

Fürstliche Streitkräfte: Kriegshaven Dorch

One of the major bases of the Fürstliche Streitkräfte, the Kriegshaven Dorch, is near Dorch. The Streitkräftemuseum Dorch is near the city as well.

Until 1985, the Kriegshaven Dorch was also home to a division of at most two vessels of the Imperial Auwaltian Navy. In 1940, those were the SIM Prinzessin Nela von Zieselhaven und Elms and the SIM Prinzessin Maja von Flecksche (both Prinzessin-class Cruisers).


Aside from the food factories and breweries, Dorch also sports a small shipbuilding industry mostly focused on building small vessels and utility vessels, including for the Fürstliche Streitkräfte.

The city also houses a number of IT-related businesses, including the game development studio Seidlschlaach Games and the IT-security firm Pfiffi Cybersecurity.

The company seat of N. Meyster Sports Cars, a manufacturer of sports cars, is in Dorch, although the main production facilities are in Hyemburg near Eyssenstad. Mostly concentrated in Dorch are the facilities for research and development.


Dorch is a traffic hub within Teressien, sporting a major harbour and a large freight yard.




Dorch, as a center of agriculture and fisheries, has a special place in the Cuisine of Teressien.

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