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Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland, in Drachtenanzug.

The Drachtenanzug is the very formal traditional dress of adult males in Teressien, analogous to the Tracht worn by women. Boys usually wear Lederhosn. Under the Teressian Dress Codes, the Drachtenanzug is suited for White Tie Occasions. Fürst Alrich III. and Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland are famous wearers.



The components of a Drachtenanzug are simple, yet complicated:

  • White shirt, usually long-sleeved and with a high collar.
  • A Cravat,
  • Jacket or Janker, a jacket made of fulled sheep's wool, which is usually soft, can be stretched and is supple. It usually reaches over the hips, but it is not uncommon for the Janker to be hip-long, usually in more rural areas.
  • Dark pants.

A vest is optional, as are accessories.