Dragan House is a house in the City of Silverport, owned by the founder of Silverport Dockyards Limited, Tyran Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork. Inhabitants are Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, Nora Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork and the family-dog Sról.


Famous Guests


Land Usage


Dragan House, overlooking Silverport, is a two-storey building, with the private parts being in the upper storey. A cellar is also part of the House.

First room a visitor enters is the Entrance Hall, a tall room with wooden floor and a chandelier up high. A edging on the ground depicts waves, several torch-holders on the walls remind of darker times. A painting depicting a city-scene in Silverport, in front of the Ladra-Temple, is opposite to the entrances into kitchen and dining room, a small sideboard below it.

To the right, a door leads into the dining room, which overlooks Silverport and the facilities of the Dockyards, which is connected to the kitchen. The dining room is dominated by a large table, fit for twelve people, with a row of sideboards on the far wall.

To the left, the doors lead into the salon and a fireplace room.

At the end of the hall, a staircase leads upwards, into the second storey, where it branches to the left and right. Right opposite to the staircase is the large, shared bathroom, to the left around a bend a small recreational room (usually used as a guest room), a smaller tiolet and a guest room with a large double bed, as well as a balcony. Another guest room is at the end of the hallway. To the right, one has another bend, another guest room, the rooms of the occupants of the house. The room of Tyran is at the end of the hallway, the rooms of Gwen and Nora share a large balcony.


Gardens, mostly used to grow herbs or vegetables, is tended to by Tyran Cathlong.

Service Buildings

There is a stable, for the few horses held on the grounds, as well as a small shed,


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