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Eabhar Blacksmiths Limited is a company in the Free Lands of the Selkie, specialized in precision rifles and long-range weapons, with seat in Fortham.

The company makes a point out of not working together with arms dealers and their companies like the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited, but works together with gun store chains all over the world. The company also works together with Treoraí Optics of Cuan for high-quality sights and optical devices.


In 2010, Eabhar began to export to Lillorainen and, shortly after, to Carlotina. In both markets, the private customers wishing for something departing from the standard fare and collectors found a liking to Eabhar's products.

In 2020, Eabhar received the order to reequip the SDF with new sidearms, namely the Eabhar E-17 Handgun, which replaced the Pistol, Semi-Automatic, Model 1910, C-Variation.


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Eabhar focus lies in precision and long range weaponry for specialized applications, like the Eabhar E-19 Hunting Rifle, which is in widespread use with the Ionchoisne and the Water Polices, as well as among private owners and collectors.

For a more general market, the company produces the Eabhar E-15 Assault Rifle (which is the more conventional successor model to the Eabhar E-14 Assault Rifle, a bullpup assault rifle) and the Eabhar E-16 Handgun, both of which are more successful on the market for personal weapons, less on the army-equipping scale. As a foray into that market, while staying true to the civilian market, Eabhar developed the Eabhar E-20 Battle Rifle, chambered for both 7.62x54mm Eabhar and 8x57mm Gabha as well as some other calibers in that range.

For its purposes, the company developed and produces its own cartridge since the 80s, 7.62x54mm Eabhar, although guns chambered for it are compatible with a number of rounds of different producers, for example some produced in Lillorainen.

In 2018, in a contest to replace the ageing PSAM 1910 C in service with the SDF, Eabhar revealed the Eabhar E-17 Handgun and won the contract in 2020. By 2022, the E-17 is supposed to replace the PSAM 1910 and introduce a new small arms caliber, 10.8x35mm Eabhar. Although the massive cartridge is also known as the marfóir na scálamarc, the Killer of Scaled Bears, and is known for its massive recoil, Eabhar revealed plans to use it in a submachine gun, the E-18.

In late 2020, the company revealed plans for a new model of the ever-popular Eabhar E-8 Marksman Rifle and the ammunition for said weapon, the 9x40mm Lónlámai, both designed for police and military service.

A popular adage goes, that while Gabha Blacksmiths Limited is the main supplier of the SDF, Eabhar is the main supplier of everyone else - while there is a bit of truth to it, it is not the complete picture.

Important People

  • Kayla Feardhil of the Tribe of Antrim, CEO.
  • Raidrí Nuachatán of the Tribe of Wicklow, CMO.