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The Eabhar E-20 Battle Rifle is a battle rifle developed and produced by Eabhar Blacksmiths Limited. As a spiritual successor and/or supplement to the Eabhar E-8 Marksman Rifle, the E-20 is designed as a weapon for special forces application.

In 2019, the Great Woods Rangers of the SDF-Army began to use the E-20 (chambered for the 8x57mm Gabha) as their Designated Marksman Rifle, other units are expected to follow. Unit 4 of the Ionchoisne is expected to soon follow suit.

Silberbüchse Small Arms from Ridderli produces the E-20 for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Ridderli.


The E-20 is a weapon with a gas-operated short-stroke piston with a rotating bolt. It weighs, unloaded, 4.9 kilograms and is 1.1 meters long with the stock fully extended. The ammunition, 8x57mm Gabha, 7.62x54mm Eabhar or other calibers of that size, is fed to the weapon by a detachable box magazine, which can range from 10 rounds in size to 100 rounds (the SDF usually uses 30 rounds magazines).

This adaptability makes the transformation of the E-20 into a light machine gun or a designated marksman rifle possible, especially thanks to the Picatinny Rails, which make it easy to attach a sight onto the weapon. A bipod can be attached as well. With its rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute, the E-20 is not a 'true' machine gun, however, and should, despite its ability to act as one, not be confused with one.

The E-20 is a jack of all trades, yet a reliable master of none - and an expensive one, with 440,000 NSD per 100 rifles.

Service History


  • SDF-Army: The Great Woods Rangers and Cuachanach-Regiments have these rifles in stock for their designated marksmen.
  • SDF-Navy: The Regiment of SDF-Navy Troopers uses the E-20 extensively.
  • Ionchoisne.
  • Armed Forces of Pittenmark: In 2020, the Armed Forces of Pittenmark placed an order for the E-20 chambered for their 8mm round.
  • Armed Forces of the Republic of Ridderli: In 2021, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Ridderli adopted the E-20, produced under license by Silberbüchse Small Arms.