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Eamalia Alqabdat Alhadidia or Operation Iron Fist was a joint operation against organized crime in the Winter Season of 2018 and 2019, in the wake of the Scarlet Eagle State Visit to Kyrenaia.



In 2018, during the occupation operation of Jazirat Alshahwa, Kyrenaian Military Police found a substance related to it in the posession of a drug dealer. That would have been the end of that, if it didn't arrive at Kyrenaian shores, being found by the Coast Guard in April. Several people died of the substance as well and the destruction of the distribution networks became a priority for the Chandshar.

Anti-Drug turns Anti-Organized Crime

Shortly after CIA and the Chandshar shared data completely, the Kyrenaian side proposed, that the entire operation is expanded to be an operation against organized crime in general. The Imperials agreed.

As several of these operations were undertaken in foreign nations, local authorities had to be informed. As both in Markaz and in the Free Lands, said local authorities insisted on undertaking these raids themselves, they were included into the planning and performed splendidly.

Individual steps

In several cases, local police forces or military special forces undertook the raids, based on intelligence by the Chanshar and/or CIA. The Harbour Police of Alto Mare stumbled into the operation undertaken in their city with a raid of their own, organized on their lonesome, which caused diplomatic friction until it came to light, that the operation had been cleared with the Lutetiian government beforehand, while the police raid had been organized in secret.

Raids in Kyrenaia

Raids in the Free Lands

The Ionchoisne had begun an investigation in the subject in 2018, shortly after the Kyrenaian Police Authorities had begun their own investigations.

During the raids, led and coordinated by Caollaidhe Starrfhiacail of the Tribe of Sligo and with hearty participation of the Great Woods Rangers, it came to light, that some plantation in the Emerald Islands had been experimenting not only with reverse-engineering Bliss itself, but also using the álainn ríon, the Beautiful Queen, a.k.a. the Atropa Regina, a relative of datura stramonium (the plant used to make Bliss) to create their own version.

There were two wounded on the side of the Rangers, plus four wounded agents. Three armed gangsters were killed in the raids, with eight more being wounded and sixty-eight arrests, all of which await trial in the Free Lands.

Raids in Markaz

Raids in Dhaer

The Bey of Dhaer and his administration were passed evidence to his country being used as a minor hub for the traffic and trade, which he could not let stand. With a fervor, that even surprised the Kyrenaians, the raids were executed.

Raids in Lutetii

Raids in Teressien

Due to the absence of police special forces, the Schnelle Gruppe Schatten conducted the raids,

Raids elsewhere

Participating Units

Kyrenaian Forces Forces of the Empire of Scarlet Eagle Others
Various Police Special Forces Seal Team Six, SEALs SDF-Army Great Woods Rangers
Handschar Bataillon Delta Force Markaz Police Special Forces
38th Long-Range Fighter Wing DEA Harbour Police of Alto Mare
III. Airmobile Battalion, 61st Helicopter Brigade Operatives and Agents of the Ionchoisne (Free Lands)
Units of the Chandshar Schnelle Gruppe Schatten (Teressien)


In general, the Operation is considered a complete success.

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