The Elder Council, or Council of Elders, is the collective council and authority known as the Head of State of the Free Lands of the Selkie. Their seat is Elder Castle in Fortham.

While not composed of the Eldest of each Tribe anymore, the Elder Council's average age tends to be high.


Responsibilities of this council are the moral and general guidance of the Selkie as well as the Free Lands and representation to foreign visitors. They also decide on matters partaining foreign politics. In case one of the Elders dies, the affairs of the Council rest until a new one was elected.


Current Members


The Cúramóiri, freely translated caretakers, are the caretakers and secretaries of the Elders, one per Elder. Usually, they are close female relatives, Granddaughters or Nieces, but male Cúramóiri are not unheard of. These days, they also serve as sort-of bodyguards, trained in defending and protecting the Elders as last line of defence after the Council Guard Regiment.

One of the most well-known Cúramóiri is Asteria Socair of the Tribe of Fermanagh.

Elder Castle in Fortham

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