Elfi Reck is, with 29 years of age, the youngest Minister Teressien ever had, in her case for Civil Service and Sports. She is known as a child prodigy, graduating from the University of Zieselhaven with 17.

She owns a cat by the name of Missi.



Elfi is a child prodigy, which brings with it a whole slew of problems, starting with the fact, that she struggles forming relationships with her peers, be it her peers as minister or with her peers of her age group and has difficulties relating to either. She is also an ardent perfectionist, having learned how to set the bar for her performances the hard way. However, Elfi never had difficulties paying attention or with motivation, if something was not challenging enough for her, she made it challenging, which more often then not got her into trouble as she simply missed the point of the lesson.

She has a bit of a stutter, still, and is generally a silent young woman, not one for large public appearances, although her voice has frequently been described as sweet.

Personal Relations

Adalrich von Ehrenback

The Minister of Foreign Affairs was one of the driving forces behind her appointment as Minister for Civil Service and Sports.

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