Elfi von Hyemburg is the current Woman-in-Charge of N. Meyster Sports Cars, together with her husband, Roderich von Hyemburg. Technically still the heiress, as her father is still very much alive and mostly retired, she and her husband form what Teressien's press refers to "a power couple, that could change the world."

Elfi is a mother of three children, Nantwin, Lone and Lorena. She is also the older sister of Isa von Dorch and thus sister-in-law of Malte von Dorch.


Elfi von Hyemburg was born in Dorch into the family of Widkin Meyster, the second-generation owner of N. Meyster Sports Cars and his second wife Lorena. The family was well-off and had (and still has) quite a fortune, which made the best education and social contacts available to Elfi, which was the reason why she, after elementary school, could attend the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia from 1984 to 1991.

During that time, she was a fencer with the rapier, even the second-in-command of the school's fencing team, a sport she practices to this day (including together with her daughter Lone). During her school time, the nearby Birkenwipfel-Jungengymnasium was attended by a Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland and a Roderich von Hyemburg, both older then her (by three and two years respectively).

Following that, she began her studies of Engineering that the University of Zieselhaven, making her First Degree in 1995, shortly before she married Roderich in a small ceremony in Hyemburg. The two went on a honeymoon to Kyrkraut and Elfi came home pregnant - in 1996, the couple's first child, Nantwin, was born. In 2000 and 2002, Elfi gave birth to two more children.

In 2015, Elfi became the Herrin von Hyemburg as her father-in-law died and her husband ascended to becoming Ritter von Hyemburg.


Personal Relations

Nahmen, Baron von Byrkland and Lien, Prinzessin von Byrkland

As a young woman, Elfi crushed on Nahmen and was never afraid to admit it - as she became older, though, she came to realize, that she was just crushing and not loving. Despite having gone out a few times, the two decided to remain friends, which they are to this day.

When his daughter Lien was born, Elfi was overjoyed and became a sort-of aunt, especially after the death of Nahmen's wife in 2011. It was Elfi, who taught Lien how to drive a car.

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