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Captain Eline Cysefin is the First Officer aboard the Dewireder-class Supercarrier CSF Ysbrydrus and one of the leading officers of Task Force 8 under the command of Fleet Captain Sian Dewar.


  • CDF Officers' Academy,


  • 1640: Entry into the CDF Officers' Academy.
  • 1646 EC: Graduation, promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • 1649 EC: Promotion to Lieutenant.
  • 1651 EC: Promotion to Lieutenant Commander.
  • 1654 EC: Promotion to Commander.
  • 1655 EC: Promotion to Captain, First Officer aboard CSF Ysbrydrus.


Eline is a woman very much in love with life and

Personal Relations

Fleet Captain Sian Dewar

Colonel Danai Certmyn