Ellaha-Sultana, also known as Ellaha II., Ellaha Alsaalihin (Ellaha the Righteous) and Ellaha bint-Razia, was a Princess of Las, who, due to early passings, inherited the Throne of the Ilkhanate of Megido in 1388 and who was selected to be Sultana in 1390. She would go on to rule until her death in 1435. She married a second time in 1392, Yari-Sultan. In her time as Sultana falls the Fenchu-Rebellion.


Childhood (1370-1382)

Princess of Megido (1382-1388)

Ilkhana of Megido (1388-1390)

Sultana of Kyrenaia (1390-1435)

Second Marriage (1392-1435)

In 1392, Ellaha married again, a man by the name of Yari ibn-Farid, less out of dynastic concerns and more out of love - or so the sources say.

Today's reigning Ilkhan of Megido, Dardan, is a descendant of hers, while his wife, Aynur, stems from a branch line of Ellaha's Mother.

Fenchu-Rebelion (1400 - 1406)

Later Life (1406-1435)


Ellaha-Sultana is seen as the archetype for a Sultana: Righteous, hard, swift and decisive.

Personal Relations

Laila Sariqalead

Aurelia, Ilkhana of Utica

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