Enya Parad is a student at the Alexander von Sykane-Gymnasium in Zyng and a member of its Sportive Marksmanship Team, specifically its Rifle Team.

She is the daughter of Wilrun Parad, the Captain of the Fürstliche Garde at Schloss Zyng.


Much of her life has been dominated by her mother's stationing, Enya moving along with that to different places all over Teressien, as of 2017 to Zyng.


Enya is a highly competitive young woman, especially, when it comes to shooting. Enya is no huntswoman, nor does she want to be seen as hunting for anything other then points during competitions, and anything other then cold.

She likes music by Küss die Hand and Schnitzel-Rock in general,

Personal Relations

Wilrun Parad

One of the most important things, which she learned from her mother was to absolutely hate her father, although she does not know him.

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