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The Féraghi, formally the Land of Féraghi, is an island in the Great Sea, roughly 150,000 square kilometers in size and with a population of 2.1 million people. The lands are known for their savanna climates and unclaimed, unexplored wilderness.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Selkie primarily from the Tribes of Cork and Wicklow began to settle there, where they raised cattle and sheep. This brought them into conflict with the natives. During the so-called Tinescrobnaí (or Bushfire) from 1669 to 1694, the native tribes were almost wiped out (either by killing or by abduction) or integrated into the local community as the (unofficial) Tribe of Kennaghini (which ceased to exist in 1981 with the death of its last member).


Before the Selkie

Arrival of the first explorers (1612-1647)

Settlements (1647-1669)

The Bushfire (1669-1694)

Slavery during the Bushfire

Settlements and ranches (1694-1900)

Auwaltian Influence (1900-1913)

Nationhood (1913-1947)

The Peaceful Way Out (1947-1962)

The Land of Féraghi (1962-today)

  • 2021: Premiere of the animated TV-Show Féraghi, made by Sicín Studios.


The highest elevation is Mount Cealg in the Central Mesa with a height of 2,119 metres above the surface.


The climate of the country is usually characterized as a savanna climate, with dry summers and rainy winters. In inland areas, the summers are usually hot, while closer to the shores, the weather is cooler. Winters are usually mild inland.

Part of the country also fall under the label of flooded savanna, with high percipitation in winter, which floods the grassland.


Generally, Féraghi is dominated by mixed grassland-woodlands with the trees spaced far enough to not form a consistant canopy. The wide and open grasslands are characterized by the seasonal availability of water, the majority falling in winter.

Endemic Species



First Sector

Second Sector

Third Sector



While the most important way to get around is the train, other forms of transport exist and are practiced.


See Category: Féragheoiri.

The vast majority of the 2.1 million people living in Féraghi are, by descent, Born Selkie with very, very limited presence of non-Selkie.