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Fürst Alrich III. is the currently reigning monarch of Teressien and Head of the House of Hochheyde

Alrich is known as a talented musician, especially with the violin. He is, however, not much of a politician and more of an artist at heart.


Alrich III., Fürst Teressiens, Herzog von Hochheyde, Baron von Zyng, Statthalter von Bad Bannersback, was born in 1989 at Schloss Hochheyde near Hochheyde in Teressien as son of Fürst Raik VI. and his third wife Alwina von Kleecks. He has six older half-siblings (two from his father's first marriage, three from the second and one extra-martial), but due to succession laws and customs in Teressien, it was Alrich, who was made successor.

He, along with his father's long/short reign (officially since 2006, unofficially since 1998), he has to fill his grandmother's, Fürstin Emilia's, shoes.

In 1995, Alrich began his educational career, where he performed well, although not outstanding. He graduated from the Gymnasium in 2008, began his studies in Politics and Musical Sciences (the latter more due to his own interest) in the same year. He made his Diploma in 2012 and 2013 respectively, and began his studies for a doctorate in Musical Sciences.

In 2014, Fürst Raik VI. suddenly died of a heart attack, leaving Alrich to rule Teressien, aborting his studies. He often says, when he talks about that topic, that he, too, is a dropout.

Early in 2016, he attended an official occasion with Enya Findehoof for the first time, getting to know the bubbly young woman more closely and starting to like her. From then on out, he made a point out of meeting her as often as possible, not caring much for the gossip, which soon sprang up.

He attended the 2021 Masquerade Ball of Montrose with Enya. The two of them took the Traumfänger, an opportunity used by Alrich to introduce Enya to government work.


Alrich is a calm and stoic young man with a deep interest in arts and beauty, especially music. He plays the violin himself and has played with a number of famous and not-so-famous violinists of Teressien and abroad, among them Heda Streech.

Alrich, unless forced to, does not speak much, if he has nothing to say, preferring to listen, a quality, which he has from his father, Raik VI., if his mother is to be believed.

Personal Relations

Enya Findehoof

Alrich likes the bubbly young woman and her never-ending smiles, which brightened up many bleak occasions of state, which they attended together. They first attended such an occasion in 2016, more out of the necessity (Alrich had to find a date for that ball and most of the girls, who suggested, that they were interested more "came off as vipers ready to lunge", as he said, until Admiral Findehoof recommended asking her granddaughter). He also likes her sisters, though not as much as he likes Enya.

He does not yet know, if he loves her, or if she loves him back, but he knows, that he likes to spent time with her. And he knows, that the feeling is mutual.