The Fürstliche Streitkräfte, or Armed Forces of the Principality, are the small armed forces of the Principality of Teressien. Formally, Fürst Alrich III. is the Supreme Commander, but that is delegated to Admiral Naya Findehoof as Highest Soldier.

Due to the importance of sea control for the Principality, the Fürstlichen Streitkräfte are basically a Navy with a marine arm and a naval air arm. For the structure, see Structure of the Armed Forces of the Principality. Vessels carry the prefix FFS, Fürstliches Flottenschiff, Princely Fleet-Vessel.



The Armed Forces have a number of uniforms for a variety of occasions, the most usually seen is the Service Dress. It ios the highest, most formal Uniform, which the Fürstliche Streitkräfte have.

Another uniform is the office dress, usually worn by the office workers of the Streitkräfte and during office work in general - it is the uniform one usually sees in the barracks.

There are also a number of camouflage patterns in service.

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Rank Name in Teressien Abbreviation

International Translation

Geteerter GT Seaman OR-1
Seemann SM Rate OR-2
Oberseemann OSM Able Rate OR-3
Bestmann BM Chosen Rate OR-4
Laufwerker LW Petty Officer OR-6
Ober-Laufwerker OLW Chief Petty Officer OR-7
Haupt-Laufwerker HLW Warrant Officer OR-8
Meyster-Laufwerker MLW Chief Warrant Officer OR-9
Fahnenwächter FW Cadet OF(D)
Alter Fahnenwächter AFW Ensign OF(D)
Wachmann WM Lieutenant OF-2
Oberwachmann OWM Lieutenant Commander OF-3
Meyster M Commander OF-4
Schiffsmeyster SM Captain OF-5
Ernannter EN Commodore OF-6
Convoichef CC Rear Admiral OF-7
Geschwaderchef GC Vice Admiral OF-8
Flottenchef FC Admiral OF-10

Awards and Decorations

  • Black Cross/Schwarzes Kreuz: Often confused with the Iron Cross, the Black Cross is not a decoration for bravery, but a decoration signifying, that the holder held a position of command during a battle or confrontation with the enemy, which was lost. It serves as a constant reminder of the loss and shame,


Also see: Past and present equipment of the Fürstliche Streitkräfte.

Bär-IFV in the field.

The heaviest ground vehicle is the Bär-IFV, the backbone of the infantry and their 'Battlefield-Taxi'. Used in several variations, the Bär (bear) is a versatile vehicle.

Teressien, since 1980, does not have an armoured corps anymore. The Main Battle Tanks were decomissioned in conjunction with the Army Reform of 1980, completing the reorientation towards peace keeping and defense. Some Armoured Engineer Vehicles based on the MBTs still exist, though.

The Fürstliche Streitkräfte plan to replace their SLK-29 Assault Rifles with SLK-36 Assault Rifles by 2021. Main machine gun is the SLG-35 Machine Gun, while marksmen swear upon the PSG-19 Marksman Rifle.


A group of HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 109 Adlerschwaib Fighter-Bombers.

The Kommando der Luftverteidigung, Teressien's small air force, is focused on defense, which is reflected in their fighterbombers, the HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 109 Adlerschwaib Fighter-Bomber being ideal for interception and interdiction.

A HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 88 Gryffe Helicopter in a joint training operation, after delivering the squad.

In 2010, the Fürstliche Streitkrafte commissioned the HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 88 Gryffe Helicopter, a hybrid attack-transport helicopter, a license production of the KAF-210 Midrab Gunship.

Flusskanonenboot FKB-31

Flusskanonenboot FKB-31 (FKB-30-class River-Gunboat) in 1940 in Elms. In the background, armoured cruiser FFS Schwarzsteyn. FKB-31 is nowadays laid up in Elms as a museum ship. The Motorcycle is a HMW-3.

The Fürstliche Streitkräfte have and maintain a number of museums all over the Principality, the largest of them being the Streitkräftemuseum Elms, which also houses a number of museum ships - amongst them FKB-31 (FKB-30-class River-Gunboat).

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