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Map of Farpoint Island with the most important geographic landmarks and towns, as well as the City of Traverse.

Farpoint Island, is one of the islands in close proximity of the Mainland, traditionally seen as part of it. Dominated by Traverse, and its industry,

Farpoint Island is the ancestral land of the Tribe of Waterford.


The centre of the island is dominated by the Intire Marshlands, the Dead Marshlands, with its unique flora and fauna, . South of the Marshlands, nearly directly bordering it, is the Town of Iascairí,

The northern tip is cliffy, with the Town of Aill being known far and wide as the "Town in the Cliffs",

Highest mountain on Traverse Islands is the massive Cnoc, with a peak of 76 metres above sea level,



Natural Ressources and Industry

The Town of Iascairí and the large fishing grounds, which are worked from there, south of Traverse Island,

In the area of the Town of Dún, famous for its old fortress, rich iron deposits were discovered and are mined for generations now, mostly underground. Dún also has a small branch of Gabha Blacksmiths in Traverse, dating back to the early 18th century and a canon foundry there.

One of the largest employers in the Free Lands is Gabha Blacksmiths Limited of Traverse,

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