Major Faye Ainnir of the Tribe of Wicklow is the commanding officer of the 17th Air Combat Squadron and a Veilbhit-Pilot.


Born in 1990 in Dumhach on the Archipelago, the daughter of a fisherman and his wife had a protected childhood, which could be described as idyllic. She came to piloting by the way of her mother, who had been a retired airlane pilot, but who still operated a floatplane - she learned how to fly from her.

What fascinated her the most was the speed and maneuvreability of aircraft, specifically those of the military. When the SDF transferred a few planes to the Archipelago in order to counter Lutetii, she was there to watch their first excercises. One evening, on her way home, she encountered two of the pilots on tour, one of them, who was later identified as Brigadier Eitil. They told her of the speed and the rush of piloting a fighter aircraft - from that day on, she wanted to become a pilot of the SDF-Army.

She joined in 2008, was trained as a pilot for transport planes, before she was transferred to the fighter service in 2009 - turned out, that fighters were fast nowadays, but not as nimble. She was transferred to the Veilhbits in 2010, was promoted to Lieutenant in 2012 and was transferred to the 17th ACS in the same year, joining the Mobile Forces Command. As recommended, she made a secondary course as a designated markswoman, with the 11th Dragan Regiment, just to have something to rely on, when there is no plane available and to defend herself when in need.

She was promoted to Captain 2015 and Major in 2017. She commanded her squadron through the Operation Spartacus in 2018.

Ainnir has a little brother, who is a photographer of everything coming in front of his lense. Ainnir herself was on the short list for the Linse, the SDF-Army and Navy Air Demonstration Team, when they still existed.


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