Faye Donn of the Tribe of Wexford is a member of the Merchant Guild of Leuda and one of its representatives, as well as a fishergirl living on Gaineamh Island, its sole inhabitant even, and owner of the former Reathaí-class Torpedo Boat Reathaí.


Oldest of five siblings (Faye, Fiona, Ida, Liam and Finnegan)

Old classmate of Celina Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford, has an old childhood crush on the commander of the local constabulary, Commander Gavin Bagrach of the Tribe of Westmeath.

Has a Dreapadóir as a pet (Gleoite).

Has an account on the Setsuzoku Social Network as Faye of the Archipelago and one on PiffleNet under her full name.

Fishy Dinner. She and Xanthé drifted apart after that, but remained friends.

Attended the 2019 Aftershow Party of the Archipelago Shooting.


Faye is openly bisexual and slightly exhibitionistic.

Personal Relations

Celina Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford

Gavin Bagrach of the Tribe of Westmeath

Faye and Gavin are in an on-off-relationship,

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