Felicia Scaipeadh of the Tribe of Monaghan is an Ambassador of the Free Lands, partner of Finn Iarann of the Tribe of Cavan in that function and replacing Neil Adhmad of the Tribe of Laois, as well as a retired Great Woods Ranger.


In 2012, she participated in the Battle of Marley Bay, technically commanding a platoon of the 2nd Company, Great Woods Rangers. She was wounded in the battle and lost her right eye, returning to service a year after that.

This return also saw her promoted to Captain and placed in charge of the 3rd Company, the Support Company, where she never really became happy.

She retired in 2016 after years of service with the 3rd Company and furthering her studies of International Politics, being recruited by the Foreign Office in early 2019 for the Ambassador Groups after the retirement of Neil Adhmad of the Tribe of Laois. She made her first tours after a short acclimatization period in early 2019.


Felicia, being a military-woman, was a strict commanding officer, who knew how to relax - and when to. That knowledge transferred to knowing, when her soldiers needed rest and relaxation.

Amongst her passions are dancing and listening to music,

She still has nightmares from the battle.

Personal Relations

Finn Iarann of the Tribe of Cavan

With the silent blacksmith,

Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork

Filicia Maor of the Tribe of Wicklow

To the former commanding officer of the 2nd Company,

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