General Ferris Taoiseach of the Tribe of Antrim is the current Supreme Commander of the SDF, the highest ranking soldier of the entire military apparatus of the Free Lands of the Selkie.

His relaxation hobby is still swordfighting, he owns a Kyrenaian Type 3 Sabre. He is married to Ida Taoiseach of the Tribe of Antrim (vintage 1973, 22 years younger) and has two children, Mona and Nuada.



"There are no Gods in a world, where men like me are needed. I am truly sorry, searrach, I know, that you think differently, I do not hold it against you, but I ask of you... do not try to convince me of your point of view."
- Taoiseach, 2019, in a personal discussion with Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth.

He has often been described as the jolliest and kindest of all high-ranking officers of the SDF, but only by those, who do not know, that there's a cynical, angry man behind the jolly facade.

An atheist by experience, he does his compulsory exercises, but nothing more.

Personal Relations

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