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Filicia Maor of the Tribe of Wicklow, nicknamed Filly, was a soldier of the SDF-Army, commander of the 2nd Company, Great Woods Rangers and retired in 2018 after her involvement in Operation Spartacus. She founded the Maor Air Transport Company.


Captain Maor was born in 1985 in Fortham, daughter to a SDF-Officer (Colonel (ret.) Finnegan Maor of the Tribe of Wicklow) and his wife. She had a good upbringing and childhood, her father avoiding to make her a Military Brat and instead enlarging her view of the world at every opportunity.

She had good grades in school, but not excellent.

Maor enlisted in 2007, aged 22, was sent to the Officer's Training School and graduated in 2009. Her father spoke the laudatio to that year, his last act before he retired. In his speech, he told the graduated, that no matter what happens, their families would always be a safe haven for them, no matter what happens. Maor took these words by heart.

In 2010, she was recommended for the Fiannóglach, joined and became commanding officer there, first for a platoon, later, in 2014, for the 2nd Company.

From there, she participated in a number of operations, until she was heavily wounded during Operation Spartacus in 2018 and saw that as her ideal time to retire from active service.

Past the Military - Maor Air Transport Company

By now 33 and honourably discharged, she saw it fit to fulfill her own little dream: Becoming a civilian pilot, founding the Maor Air Transport Company, with one SDY-Sciathan 20 Guairdeall Multi-Purpose Amphibian Aircraft, Model C, to its name. Business is small and slow, but she manages, especially as she nets the odd special mission on the side.

In 2019, she fell in love with the fellow aviator Conchobar Bailiúchán of the Tribe of Wexford, but the relationship didn't work out.


Maor was a strict commanding officer, but relaxed considerably when she was honourably discharged. She is still is strict, especially when in the cockpit, but outside of it, she became relaxed, especially when conducting her favourite hobby of reading in her hammock.

She became a sort-of Cool Aunt to the Bicíní Industries Models, a role, which she took on with gusto and pride.

Personal Relations