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Lieutenant General Finn Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork was the Lieutenant General of the SDF-Army until the 2020 Ironcastle Harvest Festival, a veteran of several wars and armed confrontations, as well as humanitarian missions.

He owns a Grey Wolf by the name of Bricliath.


Lieutenant General Finn Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork, lovingly called Gramps Finny by the SDF-Army, was born in Fortham in 1953 to a family of warriors, his father being 2IC and later commanding officer of the Council Guard. His mother was a carver's apprentice and daughter. He was instilled with a sense of loyalty and cunning from his very youth, which did not leave him over his life time.

Nióchan spent a rather calm childhood, mispent his youth until he met his future wife, Marla Slat of the Tribe of Monaghan. The two married in 1972, the first child being born a few months later.

Nióchan had joined the SDF-Army with 18, in 1971, was recommended for an officer's course and took it, becoming Lieutenant in the 5th Regiment of Uhlans (today the 5th Dragan-Regiment) in 1974. In 1975, he risked his career and life during the Yard Crisis, refusing the direct order to open fire on protestors in Cuan, the Military Tribunal finding him guilty of disobedience and citing adverse conditions in the low punishment of two-hundred lashes.

After that, all was well, he had, all in all, half a dozen children, four boys and two girls.

He got devorced messily in 1980, his wife taking the children with his approval, even if it was begrudgingly. This decision will hurt him to the last days of his life. Deeply hurt, the Captain at the time went abroad to study at foreign military academies about armoured tactics and airborne tactics. He used the lessons he learned back then to develop the anti-armour doctrine of the SDF.

In 1983, the Captain was called back for a while to serve in the Second Vellenge War, fighting with destinction.

Turning Major, he returned in 1987 as Chief of Staff of his old 7th Regiment. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and became 2IC in 1991. His former wife died in 1992 during a martial spat gone horribly out of hand, which led to him taking care of his late wife's children, adding two to the roster.

He tried to right his wrong with his by now eight children and succeeded partially, resulting in him being allowed to at least see his grandchildren every once in a while until they became of age and began to either distance themselves from him or stayed in touch. He respected their wishes, only sending postcards every once in a while.

Becoming Colonel (1995), then Brigadier in 2003, he was always on the short list for becoming one of the four Lieutenant Generals of the SDF-Army, getting there in 2009, heading SDF-Army General Command since then.

He is also listed as future General of the SDF, successor to General Taoiseach.

He married again in 1996, Commander Ava Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork, nowadays Commander of the FAC-Testing Force, who was his liaison to the SDF-Navy. She helped him taking care of his children and grandchildren for a while. It is said, that one said grandchildren played the matchmaker. So far, the marriage is without children and both stated their intention to leave it at that.

He retired at the 2020 Ironcastle Harvest Festival, when his Army Reforms were replaced by the Army Reform 2021. He was replaced by Lieutenant General Raidri Céilt of the Tribe of Fermanagh.


He is a very modest, loyal and gentlemanly officer, oftentimes seen as what an SDF-Officer should aspire to be - much to his dismay, as he doesn't see himself as high and mighty. He never really cracked down on people opposing him, rather he tried to pull him on his side. While he isn't a large supporter of the Strategic and Economic Alliance, he does see its advantages.

Nióchan is a very active and fit man, sometimes running men half his age to the ground, mostly together with his Grey Wolf Bricliath, a large and shaggy animal with one eye permanently closed by a scar. He regularly participates in field excercises. Loyalty is important to him and he has the loyalty of the SDF-Army.

Among his many grandchildren is Mairin Leann of the Tribe of Monaghan. He is a rather good piper and loves music.

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