Lieutenant Colonel Finnegan Dóire of the Tribe of Sligo is a military aviator from the Free Lands, in services with the SDF-Army, commanding the Mobile Forces Command's air components.


Born in 1986 in Wembury, the son of a good family of crafspeople joined in 2004, was trained as a Flight Sergeant, a Noncommissioned Officer with a pilot's seat, but was soon recommend for officer's training by his commanding officer - and accepted. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008.

Despite an offer to train for fighters, Dóire saw his place in a helicopter's cockpit, supporting ground troops along the way. He commanded his first squadron, 10th Air Combat Squadron, in 2011 and 2012, during deployments for humanitarian aid. He later accompanied this squadron in joint excercises for deployments on Helicopter Carriers, like the Sealgaire. In 2014, he received command of the 15th Air Combat Squadron of the Mobile Forces Command, accompanied that on several deployments and was promoted to Major in 2015. On the short-list for the next commanding officer of the MFC-Aviation, he stumbled up the ladder as Colonel Iarbháis, the previous commanding officer, had an accident in the summer of 2016.

He was confirmed as the new commanding officer of the MFC's Aviation Component in 2017, being promoted into the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

In 2018, he commanded the MFC-Aviation through Operation Spartacus. He was rather outspoken about wanting SDY-Greadtóir 19 Cuaifeach Utility Helicopters and SDY-Greadtóir 15 Craiceáilte Attack-VTOLs with the troops as support elements, but he got fixed-wing elements and the 9th Air Transport Squadron, as well as Drone Group Nead Foiche.


Dóire has the reputation of a womanizer with a sweetheart on every airport he ever landed at.

Personal Relations

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