Finnegan Scríbhneoir of the Tribe of Cork is a novelist, writer and artist from the Free Lands. He became famous with the Spirit of Fire Series of novels and persisted in that popularity with the Abhcan's Little Daggers Series of Novels.


Finnegan was born in 1964 in Cuan, but his family moved to Launceston quite early in his childhood. Here, along the banks of the Icy Shore, he would become witness to the Yard Crisis, as his father, working for the Launceston Shipbuilding Company (nowadays property of SDY) and later Bicíní Industries, kept the family afloat.

He was of eight Springs, when he witnessed the Collapse on the 23rd of May 1972, and saw the Icy Shore after the bad harvests of the following two years. His father fell ill during that time as well, the family . It was in the climate of the unrest of 1975 that he, barely eleven, began to write, but his big breakthrough would still take time. He became a rock-fan by 1978, especially of Sinsear.

After his Father's recovery by 1979, Finnegan could refocus on his studies,

In 1995, his first big novel came out: Spirit of Fire: The Doge's Daughter. It became a hit, taking readers onto the high seas for an adventure in the times of Selkie-Piracy. For the next twenty-two years, this should be his main occupation, writing about the adventures of that vessel, a total of sixteen novels, twenty-seven short stories and the scripts for one movie based on them (with more to, maybe, follow).



Finnegan is a strict man, who understands himself as an artist.

Personal Relations

Branwen Blaidd, of Tralee Descent

Finnegan and Branwen share a weird relationship as both look up to the other: Finnegan, who was never able to write technicals and science fiction and Branwen, who grew up with the Spirit of Fire and her crew, admiring Finnegan.

Bands of Selkie-Rock

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