Finnya Araon of the Tribe of Fermanagh is a philosopher belonging to the Fortham School of Thought and Intersex-Activist in the Free Lands. She is also a passionate motorcyclist, driving a G 19 A.

Finnya herself is a hermaphrodite, in particular having a Ovotesticular Disorder of Sex Development, meaning, that she was born with ovarian and testicular tissue. Finnya is completely infertile.



Finnya is a passionate 

Philosophical positions

Finnya is a strong proponent of the Fortham School of Thought, but has her own views and interpretations, especially when it comes to sexuality and gender identity.

Personal Relations

Nolwenn Ceannairceach of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Nolwenn Ceannairceach, the founder of the Fortham School of Thought, is a mentor and wise teacher to her,

Ida Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan

Despite differences in opinion on certain subjects, Finnya and Ida are friends,

Finnya knows both Kiah and Enya, but while they are acquainted, they are neither friend or foe. She has a liking for Enya, though, her bubblyness far too easy to get along with.

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