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Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan is a businesswoman in the services of Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, working as the main company representative.


Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan is the daughter of Finn and Gwen Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan, born in 1987 in Traverse on Farpoint Island as the first of three children (two younger brothers, Tyran and Glynn). Not a Princess in the strict sense, Fiona is the daughter of a Clan Chief (her mother). She plans on keeping her mother's title in the family.

When she was fifteen, an Aunt and an Uncle (Cecilia and Raidri Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Waterford) of her died in a plane crash, their little son being given to her family for the time being before it was decided, what was to happen to him. Her mother decided, that Fiona was to feed him and, after a crash course, she began to breastfeed the child for a few months. When he was taken to the Aunt's family, she cried. She later characterized these times as a 'difficult time' for her. As a sort-of replacement, her mother got her Sio, a Curly Mountain Fox, from a breeder, who was breastfed by her for three days during the so-called Milk Desaster, who soon after joined her bed.

Having studied economics at the relatively small Traverse University, Fiona is prepared and willing to take over the family business, Gabha Blacksmiths Ltd., and lead it to the same recognition and fame as other companies of the Free Lands.

She is seen as the more ideal candidate for this position by the Clan Members because she has more merit then her brothers: Although Tyran is the Steward of Arbhar House near Ironcastle, he is only taking care of the land, not expanding it, while Glynn is mostly occupied with his participation in Horseriding tournaments, where he starts as a lancer. Fiona meanwhile got Gabha several rather rewarding commissions, expanded the business to include several other branches and cleaned up the whole company administration.

In 2018, she was in a short relationship with Karak Golahman, the President of Krugeristan.

Fiona traveled aboard the Cineál to the 2019 Port Ember Navy Day Celebrations, accompanying her highly pregnant friend Gwen to the celebrations. She participated in the Adharc Cup's Competition in Launceston.


Her preferred weapons are short swords and especially the parry lance, but she is also rather capable with the weapons produced by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited for demonstration purposes.

Her horse is Deas, meaning South, having her since she was around 10, a white mare with a nearly blonde mane and black markings on her forehead's fur, as well as a bit of a temper. She is a Bratach Ríoga.

Personal Relations



Sio, a Curly Mountain Fox, is Fiona's Companion and closest friend, not only her pet. Fiona's mother sometimes calls their relationship more like between a mother and her son, which is not uncommon amongst Selkie (see: Selkie and pets). They sleep in the same bed, snuggled close to each other and often accompany each other on business trips. They are virtually inseperable.

During a winter storm, as the house's milk storage went bad, Fiona breastfed him without hesitation, which made him go into a deep bond with his mistress - and showing his affection to her by burying his head in her chest, despite being weaned.

It is of note, that when Caja Glór of the Tribe of Laois, carver, singer and member of Ambassador Group 3, was asked to carve a chess and Ardrí board as a Christmas Present for Karak Golahman, she made both queens of the chess set accompanied by a Curly Mountain Fox, the white queen cradling it in her arms, the other one having him by her side as she brandished a parry lance.

Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork

Gwen and Fiona are closest of friends, although they sometimes call each other sisters in anything but blood.

A time ago, when Fiona was 17, they had been girlfriends, before deciding, that this was not the way they wanted to have their relationship go. They remained friends especially since it was not a break-up in the real sense.

It is of note, that Fiona and Sról, Gwen's Grey Wolf, are on very friendly terms, too, but not as close as Gwen and Sról.

Celina Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford

Celina and Fiona are good friends, co-workers and companions, mainly due to their work and their shared friendship with Gwen Cathlong. Fiona defined her affection to the younger woman as something "more like weird cousin-y way."