Fiona Eas of the Tribe of Monaghan, often called Fi, is a student of the Póraitheoir High School in Cuan, a member of its Fidchell Club and trains the Cubs of the Younger Militia, who call her Miss Eas.


Born in 2002 as the daughter of two teachers, Fiona quickly became acqainted with school and learning, enjoying either. She began to play Fidchell rather early, winning a tournament amongst elementary school quite quickly.

She attended the  - Mender of Buttons Fallen Off

- attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival as a guide for the Mediaman Students, got Miranda and Cathleen, went complicated pretty fast

She is set to graduate in 2021. After that, she has no particular plans yet, but as she enjoys working with children, she is thinking about becoming a teacher or something of that sort.


Fiona is a calm and collected student, methodical, and quite good in her studies. She aims to be (and in fact is) an honour roll student,  She is still in her experimental phase. She feels herself being underdeveloped, especially when compared to some of her better-developed classmates (for example Celina). She is single, although she knows, that several of the Cubs crush on her.

Personal Relations

Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth

Blazer Style

Fiona, middle, with Celina, right, and another friend.

Fiona and Celina are friends, even if the former envies the latter a bit, that she is already so adult and mature,

Alaina Casta of the Tribe of Tipperary

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