Fiona Radharceolaíocht of the Tribe of Westmeath is a photographer and model of Bicíní Industries, . Friends call her Fi.

She has one daughter out of wedlock, Iuna Radharceolaíocht of the Tribe of Westmeath.


In 2002, she had a one night stand during a vacation, which resulted in a pregnancy - she gave birth to a healthy daughter, Iuna, one year later.

With her talent for photography, she and her daughter made do, especially after she got recruited by Bicíní Industries in 2005. Little jokes and pranks kept their spirits up.

From 2009 onwards, she burst with pride as her little girl managed the entrance exams to attend the Iris Boarding School Complex. When Iuna joined the Coileáin in 2014, Fiona became the unofficial official team photographer, a position, which she holds in high regard.


Fiona is a bit of a prankster,

Personal Relations

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