Fiona Scáineadh of the Tribe of Monaghan, born as Fiona Brakker, is a Selkie-Maiden and student of economics at the University of Leuda, as well as a model for Bicíní Industries and heir to the Eascann Brewery Limited.

Fiona owns and drives a Colúr-Tankette, which she occasionally takes out for joyrides with friends.


Fiona Scáineadh of the Tribe of Monaghan was born in 1998 in Zyng, Teressien, as the daughter of a Selkie-Maiden and a Teressian man, outside of wedlock. Instead of marrying Fiona's mother, though, as soon as he hear of her pregnancy, he bolted and separated from her, while leaving her mother alone. Her family took her back to the Free Lands and supported her until she could stand on her own feet.

In 2003, Fiona's mother married again, this time Ciaran Scáineadh of the Tribe of Monaghan, back then the heir to the Eascann Brewery Limited, nowadays its Deputy-CEO. He adopted Fiona on the same day he married her mother.

In 2004, Fiona took the entrance exam for the Iris Boarding School Complex, joining its Sensha-Do Team in 2009. Within the team, she was mostly part of Eagreiné Squadron or Sea Weasel Squadron, meaning that her main point of concern were the Armoured Engineer Vehicles and their correct application - in that function, she rose to Deputy-Head in 2015. While she was with the Coileáin, she also learned to operate a number of other vehicles, not only a tankette, but also various tanks and trucks. As Deputy-Head of the Sea Weasel Squadron, the Historic Fleet was one of her responsibilities as well.

Bicíní Industries discovered her by accident in 2015, seeking new models for their summer collection. She made her modeling debut during the 2015 Archipelago Shooting, mostly wearing swimsuits and summer dresses.

Soon after graduation in 2017, she began her studies of Economics at the University of Leuda. In her first lesson, she met her best friend Kayla. In 2018, she took her on a test shooting, for fun, BI taking her friend in as well.

She attended the 2019 Aftershow Party of the Archipelago Shooting and met the Allen-Family. Both her and Kay chaperoned them and a group of other children.



Fiona, the blonde in white, with a few friends. The redhead is a younger Mona Beag.

Fiona is a calm and classy young woman,

Fiona is a lover of the sea and loves to swim. Many a beach-excursion was led by her driving her Colúr-Tankette with friends and supplies inside. As a driver, Fiona is calm and mindful, never rash or angry.

Her favourite animal is the Sea Weasel.

Personal Relations

Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth and Amy Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Westmeath

Fiona is well-acquainted with the Mona and her caretaker, owing to the fact, that her Father has a house near Traverse, where Fiona spent many winters and free long weekends.

Mona and Fiona get along very well, sharing their love for the sea and its inhabitants.

It caused confusion to no end, that Fiona looks startingly similar to Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow, a genetic test revealing, that the two are actually third-degree cousins.

Kayla Cuach of the Tribe of Wicklow

Fiona and Kay

Fiona and Kayla together, in their favoruite swimsuits.

Fiona and Kay are in the same years of their studies,
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