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The Fistan Alshams, or Sun Dress, is the tradtional costume of Kyrenaian Men and Women,



The male version of the Fistan Alshams is the simpler of the two, usually consisting of harem-pants, somewhere between knee- and ankle-length, held up with a belt covered by a length of fabric atring as a second belt, with maybe a third belt of metal rings as well. The upper body is either bare with a vest, or with a shirt and a vest, depending in personal preferences and abilities.

As accessoires, bracelets and arm guards may be worn.


Princess Amina ibn-Amir, in Fistan Alshams, smoking.

The Female Fistan Alshams is a dress with a bare midriff, the top being covered by a bustier with short sleeves usually barely covering the shoulders, in various states of decoration with jewelry or coloured thread, the lower half of the body either being dressed in a skirt or in a pair of harem-pants, ankle-length in any case.

One of the most important parts, however, is the veil, usually of hip-length, sometimes longer, which should cover the hair.

As accessoires, bangles can be worn around the wrists, as well as bracelets and necklaces. Diadems are uncommon, but allowed, if they are plain or modest. For colder nights, a cloak is allowed as well.


Rules while wearing

  • Shoes are usually taken off indoors.


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